1A0C: QSL Cards Status

Posted on November 10, 2012 · Posted in 1A0C

We received a lot of request for our last activity from 1A0C, concrete sign, not only of a good activity on the air, but of the real interest of the radio amateurs about the charity project connected to 1A0C. With this PR we want just to keep you updated about the QSL status.
Unfortunately during September due to a burglary, the computer of the QSL Manager with all the labels and all the logs updated was lost. Fortunately we had backups and we were able to recover the entire job, but it took a lot of time.
Today all the sponsors and supporters have their QSL card received (or on the way to their home) with a stamp of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. We know that some of you already received this QSL.
At the beginning of the next week all the requests via OQRS system will be forwarded, and from the week later we will start to answer to the huge amount of direct cards.
Be patience, we have all the interest you will receive the QSL as soon as it will be possible.