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ARRL includes SMOM in DXCCWith this telegram, ARRL added the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as a DXCC Award eligible entity. Starting January 1st, 1982 the cards of QSOs with 1A began to be checked and approved to the great pleasure of all who would pursue DXCC. Now, more than 30 years  the prefix is still quite needed by DXers from the amateur Radio community.
The Soverign Military Order of Malta is not a high priority most wanted entity for DXCC but it is an interesting contact for many radio amateurs around the world, especially as a new one on certain bands for a DXCC challenge or as a new one for a lof of OMs in Asia and in the western part of the United States.

Club Log

Most Wanted DXCC

  • 89.- VK9N Norfolk Island
  • 90.- VK9L Lord Howe Island
  • 91.- 1A0 Sov. Order of Malta
  • 92.- VK9X Chridtmas Island
  • 93.- TN Republic of the Congo

Most Wanted CW

  • 73.- TL/C Central African Rep.
  • 74.- 3C0 Annobon
  • 75.- 1A0 Sov. Order of Malta
  • 76.- FO/M Marquesas Is.
  • 77.- 3B7 Agalega & St.Brandon

Most Wanted Phone

  • 113.- XU Cambodia
  • 114.- T8 Palau
  • 115.- 1A0 Sov. Order of Malta
  • 116.- 5U Niger
  • 117.- TN Rep. of the Congo

Most Wanted Data

  • 78.- FT/J Juan de Nova, Eu.
  • 79.- H4 Solomon Is.
  • 80.- 1A0 Sov. Order of Malta
  • 81.- E3 Eritrea
  • 82.- YJ Vanuatu