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José Fernando, EA5C

Previous Experiences: 3V8SM, S01R S21XA, AM8IL, LU/EA5FX, E4X, 4A4A, XX9E, H7H.

Yevgen, EA5EL

Previous Experiences: XX9E, XX9THX, H7H, EA9/EA5HPX, XR0YY, 5E7R, XX9R, 5E2E, D4D, 5E3A, 3W2R, S9A .

Raul, EA5KA

Previous Experiences: CT9/EA5KA, HP0INT, CT8/EA5KA, MS0INT, C37N, 6V7W, TK9X, CU4DX, WRTC2018 (TM as Y81J), KC1XX, W1/EA5KA.

Javier, EA5KM

Previous Experiences: TZ6D, CW5R, 5H2AG, S01R, 9X0R, AM8IL, 3C9B, 3C0C, 4A4A, 3C6A, 3C0E, 1A0C , 5U5R , TN5R.

Tony, EA5RM (Team Leader)

Previous Experiences: HQØR, XU7ABD, TGØR, SØ5X, TZ6RD, CW5R(SA-039), 5H2AG, SØ1R, 9XØR, SØ4R, E4X, T7ØA, STØR, C37N, 5J0R, CN2C, 1AØC, HV5PUL, 5JØR, CP1XRM, 5U5R, TN5R, HD8R.

Angel, EA5Z

Previous Experiences: …

Arturo, EA7KE

Previous Experiences: …

Jose Ramon, EA7X

Previous Experiences:CN, 7X, SU, C37NL, EG9A, CS0RCL , E4X, STØR, 1AØC, HV5PUL, 5JØR, 5U5R, EA8ZS, EE2W, CN2JR, AM92KW, AM7KW, AM7A, S516M, 7X0AD, TN5R, HD8R.

Gerard, F2JD

Previous Experiences: Ex FB8XX VK0HM F2JD/5U7, ZD8JD, F2jD/FC, F2JD/3A, TU4AU, TR8JD, TR0AB, FY/FM/FG/FS/FP/F2JD ZB2/F2JD, HK1-3-4-5-6/F2JD, CE0/F2JD, 5V7JG, 5Z4JD, HK0/G0SHN, HK3JBR, PY2ZDX, PY0F/PY2ZDX, DU1/G0SHN, LU/F2JD, HB0/F2JD, CE9/F2JD, OK/F2JD, GM0SHN, BY1PK, CE0ZZZ, 5K8T, 4U1ITU, CE0Z, XR9A, 3Y0X, XT2C, J5C, TX5C, TM7CC, IS0R, TJ9PF, T32C, V84SMD, 5X8C, XU7MDC, HR1-4-5-6/F2JD, HD8R

Simone, IK5RUN

Previous Experiences: IM0M, IM0P, S79UN, HP2/IK5RUN, 5U5R, C37NL, C37N, 5U5R, TN5R.

Fabrizio, IN3ZNR

Previous Experiences: WHØQ, SV5, SV9, J6, XU7AAY, XW3ZNR, T48Z, XY3ZN, A25FV, 7P8NR, XY5T, XY0IOTA, XY1OTA, SØ1R, ISØT, 9XØR, SØ4R, E4X, T7ØA, IE9T, STØR, C37N, 5J0R, J6/IN3ZNR, J68ZZ, ISØ/WH0Q, SV5/IN3ZNR, 1AØC, HV5PUL, 5U5R, TN5R, HD8R.

Nicola, IU0NIC

Post and Philately Director of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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Giorgio, IZ4AKS

Previous experiences: 5R8KS, 3B8/IZ4AKS, 3B9/IZ4AKS, IZ4AKS/BY1RX, YL/IZ4AKS, HB0/IZ4AKS, OM/IZ4AKS, 3A/IZ4AKS, E44M, C37URA, C37NL, 9H3KS, 1A4A, 1A3A, UK8AXA, 4U1UN, 4U1VIC, 4U30VIC, T70A, HV5PUL, T70DXC, TY1KS, 4U1WRC, SV5/IZ4AKS, T77KS.

Junichi, JH4RHF

Previous Experiences: JH4RHF/JD1, -/T32, FK/-, 7P8/-, UN7/-, R3/-, LU/-, CE3/-, BW/-

Dmitry, RA9USU

Previous Experiences: 1U4UN, 3V6T, 3V8BB, 3V8SS, 4O3A, 4U1UN, 4U1WB, 4U60UN, 4U70UN, 4U75UN, 4U1VIC, 5A1A, 5A5A, 5A7A, 5B/AJ2O, 5B4AJC, 5T3WW, 6Y1LZ, 7O2A, 7O6T, AH2/N2OW, CN2AA, CN2NN, DU1/VK3FY, E30FB, E31A, FS/N2OW, FS5KA, JY6ZZ, K1LZ, K1TTT, P33W, PJ7/N2OW, R100R, RL3A, RT8T, RU3A, S21ZBB, S21ZBC, ST0R, SU8DRM, SU0ERA, TI5/N2OW, TI5W, TI9/RA9USU, TS2A, TS6A, TS9A, UA5L, VP8STI, VP8SGI, Y82N, and few others.