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Support the consultative day-care centre and social actions in Milan

The activity of our volunteers covers three main operative areas: emergencies, social care where our teams are organised to give optimum support, even on a daily basis, to those in difficulty; and healthcare, a fundamental component for effective assistance to the population.This can be on a daily basis, for those in most need

Another important ongoing activity carried out by the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps volunteers: thanks to a strong grounding, the Groups have created strong relationships with the local administrations. Many volunteers are involved in activities on a daily basis, giving help and support to the homeless, distributing blankets, hot drinks and various necessities.

In Milan the UDS (Street Unity-a charitable organisation) is active all year: in 2018 there were 104 services rendered, and just recently a new healthcare initiative for drug addicts was launched in Rogoredo, on the periphery of Milan.

From our experience in Lombardy and in a number of cities – for example, Brescia, Padova, Vicenza, Firenze, Napoli, Catania and Palermo – this Street Unity initiative is active in many Italian municipalities, where our teams work tirelessly and create warm relationships with the homeless.

For example, in the consultative day-care centre in Pisa, which has been operating since 2016 and where many of the disadvantaged are followed closely, there is a regular support programme which has led to the stabilisation of interaction with them, with the aim of making the centre a reference point for the homeless. In 2018 the day-care centre carried out 600 visits. Also in Palermo, the consultative day-care centre looks after those in need and those who have difficulty in controlling their basic healthcare: opened in September 2017, to date over 300 patients have been attended to, and over 1000 medicines administered. Catanzaro has now been added, with a daycare centre specialised in paediatrics, ear, nose and throat, and gynecology.

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