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QSL Info.

General Information

Please check the log online and wait for the end of the DXpedition before sending your QSL request.

Follow the instructions below to request a QSL card quickly and frustration free.

Remember, this DXpedition has a humanitarian side. After kind consideration, please make a donation, it will be entirely devoted to the charity project.

Note that if you donate more than 30 euro and if your address is in the list of countries where there is a postal agreement in place, you will receive a QSL directly from the post office of the Order of Malta with their stamps. If your Country is not listed, we will send your QSL from Italy with a S.M.O.M. stamp on the envelope.


OQRS System is closed, send direct request to the manager.

The faster and preferred way to obtain a QSL card is via OQRS (Online QSL Request System) through the on-line log.

The contribution for a QSL request via OQRS is:

  •  4 EUR, including direct QSL and LOTW credit.
  • 1 EUR for the LOTW credit only.

All QSL requests via OQRS will be processed as soon as the QSL cards arrive from the printer. All QSOs via OQRS will be confirmed on LOTW on a weekly basis.

Check your QSOs on the on-line log, then proceed with the QSL request. Fill in the correct UTC of your QSO(s)s and follow the Paypal instructions to complete the request.

Direct QSL

You can also send in your QSL request with an SAE along with the standard contribution (or a donation for the charity project) to complete the request. Standard contributions are:

  • for EUROPE: 2 USD + SAE
  • for VK/ZL/Oceania: 4 USD + SAE

In Italy the cost of postage was recently increased along with the exchange rate of the US Dollar. Thus we have had to modify our donation requests.

Please noteNO STAMPs and NO IRCs.

IRCs are often used as currency in the amateur radio world. This is not the case as would attest a quick visit to the post office. IRCs may not be exchanged easily in Italy. It is also popular to send old IRCs which are no longer valid.

NO IRCNote for Italians: As Italy is in Europe also, the minimal contribution for Italian radio amateurs is 2USDs + SAE. Please do not send SASE (no stamps please).

Direct QSL card requests which do not observe these policies will be processed via the BURO.
Direct QSL requests with  IRCs will be processed via the BURO.

Direct requests with an appropriate contribution will be processed after an appropriate request is made via OQRS. So OQRS will be the fastest way to get our QSL Card.

The address of the QSL manager is: EA5RM


It is not necessary for us to receive you card via the bureau! You may request a QSL via the  bureau. However, such QSL requests must be initiated only via the OQRS system. We will ship the card directly to the IARU Bureaus.

All on-line bureau requests will be processed within 12 months of submission. Please do not send any QSLs to the bureau, The QSL manager does not need or require your card.


All QSO have been uploaded on LOTW

At the time 1A0C’s has no agreement with any sponsor about when the upload of the entire log will be performed on LOTW. So if you need the LOTW confirmation, please consider OQRS or a direct request.

QSL Semi-Direct

Associations, Clubs and sponsors in general may negotiate directly with the QSL Manager in order to establish dedicated QSL service for their members or affiliates. If some of them is interested, please contact urgently the QSL manager before the dxpedition’s end.